• Hotel locks
  • Energy-saving modules and LED signs
  • Hotel safes
  • WELCOME trays and electric kettles
  • Luggage racks
  • Minibars
  • Hairdryers and bathroom mirrors
  • Other products for the hotel
  • Wireless bathroom call system
  • Security systems in the hotel

Hotel locks, electronic hotel locks, upgrading old hotel card locks​

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a necessary and indispensable helper that is always with us and we use it for more and more things - for games, for paying bills, for shopping, sharing a ride, etc. This is a trend that will only get stronger. It provides users with many conveniences and facilities.. 

HOTELLO PLUS is a solution that keeps pace with this trend. Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the lock accepts the mobile phone as an access card. There is no need for the guest to stand in line at the reception to receive a key or a card for the room in which he will be accommodated. After confirming the reservation, the guest will receive their mobile key on their phone. All he needs to do is install the app from the link he will receive from the hotel.

HOTELLO PLUS can be implemented both in new and in hotels that already have electronic locks. The upgrade kits are suitable for almost all lock models, and the new ones have a modern and clean design that will set your hotel apart from the rest.

Moving to mobile keys and allowing the guest to use their own phone to access their room, elevator, garage and other facilities in the hotel without having to queue at reception to get a card or key will attract more customers to your hotel.