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Hotel locks - a solution for every hotel and every door  

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We provide a solution to your every problem related to security in the hotel

Raytron is a provider of innovative security solutions and various products for hotels. The product range is divided into four groups. A team of specialists is responsible for each group, who will provide you with the best solution for your specific case.

  • HOTELLO modern and high-quality products for the hotel industry.
  • AIRBNB intelligent access control solutions.
  • Hotel security systems including: fire alarm, public address and emergency notification systems.

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Hotel access can be smart

 unlock benefits for your hotel 

Update your locks with the latest technology.

Discover a new world - the world of mobile keys


  • Increased level of security;
  • Simplifying hotel operation;
  • Convenience for you and your guest;
  • Reduces personnel and consumables cost;
  • Modern and ecological technology (reduces the use of plastic);
  • It improves the customer experience and increases the loyalty of your guest;
  • Possibility of quick and easy upgrade of almost all models of hotel lock;
  • Interface for integration with almost all popular PMS systems, via FIAS protoco.

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Electronic locks for hotels

Electronic safes for hotels with memory for the last 100 openings.

Elegant minibars of various sizes..

Wide selection of electric kettles and trays for hotel rooms.

Elegant, strong and functional.

Custom LED display with room number, hotel logo, DND, MUR, and bell.

Foldable luggage racks that do not take up space and fit into any interior.

Elegant and quality products for the hotel bathroom.

Wireless SOS buttons for hotel bathrooms. Necessary for every hotel. Quick and easy installation, no repairs required.

Fire alarm,Public address systems and video surveillance.

Comfort and convenience for guests

Elegant design that fits into any interior - this is a distinctive feature of our products.

  • We offer extra comfort and security for your guests. 
  • Quick and easy check-in and controlled access to various sites in the hotel.
  • Intuitive software easy to operate and integrate. 

Quality and prices

We only use products from reputable time-proven manufacturers. We make sure you get the best quality on the market at the best price. All our products are guaranteed for two years. 

Experience and guarantees

The experience accumulated over the years allows us to best assess all the possibilities, so that we can offer the best solution for each specific case. We offer all customers fast service and subscription service 24/7. This gives you guarantees for calm and trouble-free work with the equipment purchased and installed by us.