Wireless receiver with touch screen

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    Quick and easy implementation

    Wireless system without the need for wiring

    Suitable for new and working hotels

    Warranty 24 months

    The RGNC-EC-360R is an intelligent wireless receiver with touch display that is very Convenient for the end user.

    Staff can easily follow instructions displayed on the receiver display or through voice reminders. When a button is activated, the number of the room from which the call was made is displayed on the screen, accompanied by an audible signal. When it is in standby, it works like an LED clock.

    The RGNC-EC-360R is powered by a DC12V adapter without any wiring. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a countertop. 

    • Display 3 groups of 4-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999 starting with the letter "AbCdEF";
    • Touch screen with easy configuration;
    • Works with a maximum of 400 call buttons;
    • Displays the last 30 active calls; 
    • In standby mode displays the current date and time;
    • Different indications of different types of services;
    • Selection of the sound signal/melody;
    • Adjustable volume;
    • Mounting: on a wall or on a desk/countertop.

    Operating frequency:
    Operating current:
    Audio Out :
    Sensitivity :
    Sizes: 216 x 137 x 20mm

    In most places it is necessary to use repeaters to amplify the signal. Their number is determined depending on the structure and architecture of the object.

    A personal offer is prepared for each customer. The price depends on the volume of the order. Delivery time varies between 25-30 days.