KATY Universal hotel lock for installation on existing mechanical locks

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  • Color selection
  • Unlock type

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Wide selection of models

Opening the doors with a mobile phone

Solution for every hotel and every door

Warranty 24 months


The KATY-U series are universal hotel locks with cards and a mobile key. They can be mounted on standard secret lock. No special drilling, no need to change doors. Fast It is easy to replace the old key locks with modern electronic locks and respond to all the higher demands of your guests for security and amenities.


  • Hotel electronic locks with card and mobile key;
  • USB power supply outlet;
  • Power of 4 AA type alkaline batteries, which They have about 20,000 openings. the door;
  • Opportunity to open, as with a mobile phone, as well as a contactless card;
  • Built-in memory to record the last 1000 events;
  • Defense from overvoltage;
  • Various combinations of doors and cards;
  • Warning for low battery voltage (sound signal and red light)
  • "Passage" regime for conferences, meetings, etc.;
  • Mechanical emergency opening key;
  • Full set- two handles, lock, cartridge and Fasteners;
  • Intelligent hotel access system Hotello Smart with many possibilities;
  • In the one system can be combined off-line and BLE locks, elevator control, control access to official or public Accommodation;
  • Suitable for installation of rebate and rebate-free doors with a thickness of 40mm-50mm.

The kit does not include batteries

Method of unlocking:

Mobile phone/Card/Key


For hotel, office


4*АА 1,5V batteries


Mifare 13.6Mhz


Stainless steel SUS304

Type of locking mechanism:

Euro standard, suitable for rebate and Unrebated doors

Model locking mechanism

Mounted on an existing secret lock

Shield size:



2.0 kg

Draw personal offer for each client. The price depends on the volume of the order and the mode of transport at importation. Period for delivery also depends on the volume of order and mode of transport. Varies between 25-30 days with air transport and 60-70 days with sea. 

Raytron offers installation and maintenance of purchased locks throughout the country. 

For proper installation it is necessary is a specific drilling of the doors. They are broken by their manufacturer according to a template and sample provided by Reitron.

When ordering, it is important to determine the type of door and its thickness.