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Wireless call system

Advertisement stand for call button with black base...
12.45 лв.
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Wireless call button with 3 buttons: Call, Bill, Cancel Transmission distance 300 m open area...
17.90 лв.
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Wireless LED receiverDisplay 3 groups of a 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999 beginning with "AbCdEF" letter.Display current time & date when it is standbyWorks with 400pcs of call buttons (Max).Show last 32 calls - rolling until the call is canceled.Indicate the service type via indicator li..
157.80 лв.
Ex Tax:157.80 лв.
Wrist-type Pager Receiver with Dot-matrix LCD screen.  Low battery indicatorScene mode: Restaurant/Hospital/Bank/FactoryAdjustable alerts: Beep or Vibration or Beep with vibrationWorks with 999pcs of call buttons (Max)Display 3 call numbers at one time with service type and calling timeShow Dat..
210.00 лв.
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Signal amplifier between call buttons and receiver.Although the call buttons have a very good range, in many cases it is also necessary to use amplifiers in places where the signal is not good, due to the remoteness of the button from the receiver, the specificity of the building and the environment..
150.00 лв.
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