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Online locks

Why choose online locks Hotello?

The answer is: track and control the status of each lock in real-time

Each Hotello networked lock can transfer information for the door opening, the status of batteries and others to the Front desk in real-time 24/7 for all floors and rooms. In real-time, you can monitor all rooms, to collect locks events, the type of unlocking card by computer at any time. Information will not be lost under any circumstances, even if the computer is damaged or disconnected from the network. Each lock has its local memory for 800 events.

Hotello product designed to fit in any interior and to be no different than other hotel locks.

We offer two types of online locks: TCP / IP and wireless.

The important point for networked locks is the cabling. Because the cable must be protected very well to prevents it broken because of the many times' door opening and closing, we offer a door loop module to solve this problem.

The locks are powered by POE(Power over Ethernet) power adapter and in addition to backup with batteries. When external power supply stops it automatically switches to battery. Each lock has an indication of a low battery voltage (beep and red light). Based on TCP/IP technology there is no limit to the number of locks in one LAN (hotel).

If you choose the Hotello wireless online locks you do not need pre-wiring. They can also be installed in existing hotels without the need for repairs.

At the reception desk, you can open a door, remotely block a card, to see the records in the computer log simultaneously. In the case of emergency, you can control the status of all locks - unlock or lock status from the computer.

Take photos and add staff and guest photos to the system and card. You can search for guest records and issued cards and print the results.

The build-in statistics center shows the hotel room occupancy rate and different types of room occupancy rates.

The manager can edit the operator's access level and permissions, to ensure authorized personnel free access and restrict unauthorized personnel access. If unauthorized access is detected will be activated an alarm for illegal operations.

System support multi-users with different rights- up to 5,000 users and up to 10,000 events. Support multi-room and multi-card access. many cards can unlock one door and many doors can be unlocked by only one card.

The advanced Hotello hotel lock system is designed, to fulfill all requirements of the modern hotel. It is a full-featured product, as a result, it can be applied and can meet different requirements of users.

ELIZA is a TCP / IP online hotel lock with classic vision. There are different color options- silver and gold. The big benefit of this model is that can be made with a custom design. You can give us your pattern and we will make the same vision. With its classic or customized look, your locks ..
311.00 лв.
Ex Tax:311.00 лв.
TARA is a TCP / IP online hotel lock with a modern and elegant look. With its clean shapes and elegant black color, it is suitable for any interior.Benefits: Real-time monitor all rooms - unlocking and status; Powered by POE(Power over Ethernet) power adapter and backup recharge..
413.00 лв.
Ex Tax:413.00 лв.
ALICE- style and grace! Modern TCP / IP two-piece hotel lock. It catches your eye immediately with its sharp and clean design. ALICE lends an extra chic to a simple door and makes it look unique.Benefits: Real-time monitor all rooms - unlocking and status; Powered by POE(Power ov..
523.00 лв.
Ex Tax:523.00 лв.
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